April Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Flippingkrazy

April Mitchell is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a B.S in accounting. She has always had a passion for business and entrepreneurship. April has honed her entrepreneurship skills as the founder of Flipping Krazy, a multi-million dollar real estate investing company. April Mitchell has become a leading real estate investor and educator in the Washington DC metropolitan area. She has successfully helped hundreds of people build wealth through investing in real estate.

At the age of 28, April was able achieve financial freedom through real estate investing and quit her full time government job.

Today, this real estate investment guru, April Mitchell is widely recognized as a premier investor and an industry expert. She is dedicated to providing affordable real estate investment education to diverse individuals nationwide, which she does through her educational company “Krazy Koaching”. Students and aspiring investors are armed with the nuts-and-bolts information and confidence they need to succeed in the world of real estate investment. Her students are provided with the education, tools, and mentorship needed to ignite and soar in their own real estate investment endeavors.

Through her teachings, April has made significant contributions to an extensive community of beginner and advanced real estate investors.

quote from Andrew Carnegie: “Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate.”